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Experiences of a 1 year marriage old!

Well, you hear routine words and phrases like "I love my wife", "We had a wonderful marriage" or "She is the light of my life". But then marriage is more than words with its own complexities and blessings. It is like the Soduku puzzle, exciting and interesting yet requiring some problem solving. So how do I feel about my one year of marriage? To tell you the truthful answer, it is filled with understanding, coupled with learning and ultimately very satisfying and enlightening.

There are 2 theories regarding marriage. One says that you should marry someone like you to eliminate contradictions and create immediate rapport. The second theory says that you should find someone who is different from you so that the match compliments you and makes a perfect pair. In my experience, both theories are wrong. It matters little what the individual characteristics are as long as there is commitment, respect and love for each other and the relation. Haritha is very diff…