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The Alchemist

I never read "Paulo Coelho" but I was told a lot about his book "The Alchemist". I wanted to give it a try and read the whole book in around 2.5 hrs. It is a small book and you can easily finish it in a short time, like I did, but possibly it takes a lot more time to sink its message inside you.

So what is this book all about? It is the story of a shepherd boy who follows his dreams and finally finds the treasure he dreamt of. The title "Alchemist" most probably refers to this boy because he finally realizes his destiny & discovers the "soul of the world".

Book's central theme:
Every one of us has a mission on earth, a destiny to reach. It is our only obligation on earth. If you listen to your heart, you will know your destiny. And if you really put your heart in realizing your destiny, the whole universe will conspire you to achieve it.

The book says that there is something called "Beginner's luck" which offers initial suppor…