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V-Day, Love and I

I was never very comfortable with V-Day . During my engineering days there was always some mild tension inside me on this day. It was between 1998-2002, V-Day was just getting popular in colleges but our Vijayawada college was still relatively untouched by this metro trend. Finding couples in the college was rare and so V-day was not really a big day at all, but still my heart used to beat fast on this day. No, I was not scared that some girl would propose to me . It is just that I feel embarrassed to see/know campus love stories.Luckily nothing significant happened on any of the V-Days. Only once a naughty guy in the class made a heart shaped red balloon dance in the air, the girlsgiggled in red and my face was red too.
Spiritual Guru Jaggi Vasudev likes the English expression "falling in love". He interprets that your ego should always fall down and only then love can flourish (though some wounded lovers imagine a picture of falling down from a cliff when they hear this exp…