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The opportunity of a problem

"Feed your opportunities and starve your problems" - this is one advice which Peter Drucker, the management Guru, often gave in his writings. He was speaking in a management context, but I think it applies to life in general. But what does he mean? Is he asking us to ignore our problems completely? How can we stop working on our problems when they are bothering us? Strengths and opportunities are fine, but how can we rely just on them?

These were some of the questions inside me when I thought about his advice. It did not make much sense to me. After spending sometime thinking about it, I happened to find an explanation. I am not sure if Drucker meant this when he gave the advice but this is what I understood - "He is not referring to different things when he said "problem" and "opportunity". In the same thing that we call a problem, he is asking us to find an opportunity". Now this is still not a very clear statement. Let us decipher it.

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