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A logical mind cannot be creative!

Around 2 years back, I was chatting with Venkat Konda, who is like a brother to the great lyricist Sirivennela Seeta Rama Sastry. He was remarking that "Sirivennela is first a scientist, then a poet and that his songs have a logical flow". This made me thinking. My understanding is that a logical mind can never be creative.I scribbled quick notes at that time to support my case. Now when I look at these notes, I felt it is worth blogging. So here we go!
The thinker defined
First some definitions to understand my theory - a.Mind (manas) - The thinker, the commentator b.Non-mind - that which is not mind.This is not same as heart or whatever. This is simply non-mind.
Actually people made many finer distinctions of the above. For example Indian philosophers had around 5 distinctions. But to keep it simple, we will stick to only these two.Just to put this abstract distinction somewhat concrete, let us take an example.
I am seeing a cricket match. Tendulkar plays a shot. I think it&#…