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Around the world in 80 days

I heard of this novel many times before but never really bothered to check out the details. Should be some boring, old fashioned novel, I thought. I chanced upon this novel 3 weeks back (a pdf of this novel is lying in my computer for so many years) and lo, I found myself reading the first pages. And that did the trick. I found the novel irresistible and exciting. It is old fashioned but quite delightful. The characters are strong, the descriptions are wonderful and the plot innovative. I guess this is what is called a "classic".
A quick check of the Wikipedia revealed this is indeed a classic novel written by Jules Verne, a French writer. The story is set in 1872 and is about an English man, Phileas Fogg,  who accepts a bet in his club to travel around the world in 80 days. He starts the journey immediately with his resourceful French servant Passepartout. The story is all about how he overcomes the many obstacles in his journey and returns back to England to win the bet.