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The Swami who showed the way

I still vividly remember that day. I casually picked-up a book from my grandmother’s library when I was visiting her during my summer holidays. I might be around 14 years of age and was more attracted to fun books than any serious reads but I somehow picked up this seriously titled book “Why I am a Socialist?”. I realized it a compilation of speeches by someone called “Swami Vivekananda” of whom I knew very little at that time. As I started to read the book in the small open area in the house, I was truly touched by this man and his compassion for the needy. It was my first introduction to the Indian society - the poverty and ignorance of the masses, the reasons for it and the actions to be taken. When Vivekananda declared in the book, “Even if a dog in my country is hungry, my first duty is to feed it”, I almost had tears in my eyes. After I finished the book, I remember that I was lost in thoughts for a long time. The book had such a deep impact on me that I decided to study Viveka…