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Rahman's "I"

Listening to Rahman's latest music album "I", I remembered that I was once a fan of this musical genius! I did not exactly stop being his fan now but I lost that fascination for his music. I still like his music (I loved his album "Highway") but his music no longer touches me deeply.  So, I was surprised that I kept listening to his latest music album "I" repeatedly. 
I never listen to Tamil albums, as I don't understand Tamil and understanding the lyrics is crucial for me to appreciate a song. So I don't know what prompted me to listen to this album in the first place. To my surprise I found that, with my focus diverted from lyrics, I could appreciate Rahman's music in a purer form! Ignoring the lyrics would not have been possible with a language I know. Now, for the first time, I can possibly feel the pain of Rahman fans who keep complaining that Telugu lyrics of Rahman's albums suck! 
There is a song for every taste in this album and …