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IACOCCA - An autobiography

What is this book

Iacocca is the ex-CEO of Ford and ex-chairman of Chrysler. This autobiography describes his exciting career and gives insights into the internals of business world. I got this book from my wife who was an MBA student. She told me that it is a nice read and so I wanted to give it a try. I read this book while traveling in my office cab and completed it in around 3 months. This is one of the most vivid and interestingly written business books I ever read and is highly recommended.

Organization of the book

The book contains 3 sections. The first section describes the childhood and school days of Iacocca. The next 2 sections describe his career in Ford and Chrysler and form the meat of the book. In a very interesting way, the book describes his career in the Ford and his rise to the top. When he was fired from Ford, he joins Chrysler. A large chunk of the book deals with his efforts to save Chrysler and make it successful.

What I liked about this book

The first thing that re…