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A song on Ilayaraja!

June 2nd is Ilayaraja's birthday (though he celebrates it on June 3rd) and I happened to write a song on him on this occasion, thanks to Suresh Sistla. Suresh, being a great fan of Ilayaraja, planned to organize a celebration to honor Ilayaraja. We were casually chatting about the event when the idea occurred to us that we should compose a song as a tribute to the musical genius. Since we did not have time, we decided to reuse a beautiful melody composed earlier by Suresh Sistla  for the movie "The Girl Upstairs". Writing a song on someone like Ilayaraja is no easy task and after some struggle I could write a decent lyric (or so I think!) in the time constraints we had. Frankly speaking, I was not very satisfied with my lyric but after listening to the recorded version, wonderfully sung by Sushma Suresh, I could say with confidence that this is definitely a very good song. Many thanks to Suresh and Sushma for uplifting the lyric with their musical talent. Here I present…