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"Mounamelanoyi" song - the magic of Ilayaraja and Veturi

In director K.Vishwanath's masterful creation "Sagara Sangamam", music and lyrics play a big part. The magic of Ilayaraja's music is amplified by the wonderful lyrics provided by Veturi. In this article, I take a look at the lyrics of the haunting melody song in the movie - "mounamelanoyi ii marapu raani reyi". This simple and soothing composition is wonderfully rendered by SPB and Janaki.
The situation of the song is quite unique, something that shows the genius of K.Vishwanath. A married lady (female lead in the movie) who is separated from her husband due to some differences meets a dancer (male lead). Their artistic tastes meet and they soon become very good friends. Their mutual admiration leads to the bloom of love, unexpressed as yet. This song focuses on the feelings of the lady and the conflicts within her given her marital status. She is not yet legally divorced and so she has to decide between her marriage and her new found love. This song is basi…

Fifty shades of Grey!

#JustForFun #TrueStory

Note: If you do not know what "Fifty Shades of Grey" book/movie is all about, please skip reading this post! Don't ask questions :) 

Disclaimer: This post is for fun only and is not intended to hurt die-hard Fifty Shades' fans (who I know are in plenty!)

It was year 2012 and I was waiting in Chicago airport for my next flight. So I did what I normally do at such places - looked for book stores. Browsing through books gives me a joy surrounded by calmness, something every book-lover would know. I guess this is the same joy women experience when they do shopping, although book-shopping is way cheaper and a lot healthier!
In the airport book-store, I saw a book being prominently advertised as a best-seller. The book had an interesting cover design - just a classy looking grey tie. It was titled "Fifty Shades of Grey". I thought it was some business book, going by the cover. But I was in for a surprise. It is an "erotic romance" b…