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On child labour

I was glancing through some news paper and a heading "2 child labourers rescued from apartment" interested me. The Government of India recently banned child labour in hotels and residential complexes. So the officials are on a run to catch the culprits and free the children.

The motive behind Government's order is noble. It wants all the children to go to school and have some education.

But I wonder whether the recent order addresses the core problem - "Why is that some children are not sent to school?". All the children from middle-class, upper middle-class and the rich go to school. You need not tell their parents - "Please send your children to school. This age is meant for education. Don't make them sit idle at home (This is not an offence, though). And don't make them to do labour to earn money (This is a punishable offence)".

The reason why children from poor families are not sent to school is that they need for their living the money those…

Means vs End

Sometimes I feel we get confused between "means" and "end". Or atleast, I get confused! Worse still, this confusion happens unknowingly. This topic is very philosophical (and hence boring to many!). To cut it short, here are 3 common examples to illustrate my point:

1. Money - These days we are all for money. You want to study in good colleges to get a good job. And the definition of good job is "good job = good money". You want to go to US to get more money etc etc. But interestingly money is only a "means". It is a "means" to get-along in your daily life, to have some pleasures and to make your journey on earth comfortable. This is so obvious but interestingly the lure for money makes you forget it. You think it as the "end" and hence the goal of life and so run for it all the time.

2. Religion - Religion is also a "means" to reach (or realize as they say) the "end" called GOD. This is one of the most for…